Why Send Email Campaigns?

Email campaigns are a dynamic tool for businesses, fostering direct connections and engagement with customers.

Quality Email Campaigns can:

  • They nurture leads,
  • enhance brand loyalty
  • drive conversions through personalized messages and promotions.
  • elevate brand awareness
  • keep customers informed
  • offer performance insights through analytics, leading to revenue growth and sustainability.

Effortless Scheduling

We know you are busy. Leave the complexities of scheduling to us! We’ll take care of setting up campaigns to reach your audience at the best opening times for them. We can send them to one list of clients or you can segment them.

What we’re doing…

Most of our affiliates are choosing to participate in our weekly campaign package, where we help affiliates have meaningful weekly touch points with their customers. These quality campaigns include their brand, logo, and links to products on their websites.

We currently help other iPROMOTEu affiliates with both weekly campaigns and custom campaigns for specific audience groups.

The setup is minimal, and then you can leave the rest up to us!

Check out this Breast Cancer Awareness campaign we did for PromoMonster.

We’re Dedicated to Your Success

Our dedicated team of designers ensures each email is a visual masterpiece, reflecting your brand’s identity. By seamlessly integrating these design elements and links, we make it easy for recipients to connect with your brand, explore your products, and take meaningful actions.

With our affordable services, you can harness the full potential of email marketing without the hassle. We believe you will want to reap the benefits that fellow iPROMOTEu affiliates are getting with RBB Marketing services.

Check out sample email campaigns or Schedule a time to chat.