Zoho One / CRM

Features of Zoho One and CRM

Zoho One / CRM is a very robust ecosystem with over 40 different business applications to help you run, manage and grow your business that interacts with each other under one system. The core application is the Zoho CRM which houses your contact management, market automation, selling opportunities, and much more, all modified for you and the promotional products industry. Capture key information about your customer to increase selling opportunities. Keep running totals of your pipeline, prioritize your tasks, and manage your emails are just a few key features all integrated under one roof. Schedule A Time to See a Demo and to tell us more about what is important to you and your organization.

Just a Additional Features and Benefits

  • Customized dashboard to show what is important to you, tasks, pipeline, orders, charts
  • Easily create follow up tasks and prioritize, add reminders
  • Create Accounts and Contacts with customized fields for showing roles and responsibilities and selling opportunities
  • Customized for Promotional Products Industry.
  • Improve your internal communications with your team, you can eliminate the emails going back and forth.
  • Tools to help you grow deeper with your accounts into different departments
  • Project management planner to help guide you and your customer through the process and receiving key information.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media – easy interaction with your social media.
  • Marketing Automation – Automatically can send emails to customers for reorders reminders, tracking numbers
  • You can send your customer a Meeting Scheduler to schedule a time to meet with you without all emailing back and forth.
  • Drag and drop canvas view that shows the status of projects, orders, and status. Can be easily customized to fit your processes. View what you are working on and what is important to prioritize.
  • Manage and keep track of emails and communications with customers and prospects
  • Workdrive holds 3 terabytes of storage and files that you can share with customers.
  • Selective information flows seamlessly into Client Portal.

Navigating Client Information in the Zoho CRM