Client Resource Center

Features in your Client Resource Center

Your Client Resource Center is full of great features. Showcase the best-selling products and what’s trending in the industry. And these products and ideas can be further curated to show what “YOU” want to display. We provide great ways to browse for ideas and products by theme/category with additional ideas linked back to your branded SAGE, ASI or Custom Website. Each category is thoughtfully populated with products and ideas prominently with Preferred Suppliers. It also provides a checklist of ideas for additional sales and/or opportunities. You can further customize or curate with products you would like to show. Help Me Prepare has articles and tips for each theme category for your customer’s review. These articles can help save your customers time in planning their project by providing information for each theme/category. Click Here for Browse by Theme

Features of the Client Resource Center include:

  • Customized with your Brand and Color Scheme.
  • View trending ideas & products.
  • View best-selling products.
  • Get product ideas for projects
  • Planning guide for an upcoming event or project.
  • Search for ideas and products.
  • Provide helpful articles and information to your customers for their projects.
  • Customers can easily schedule a time to meet with you.
  • Gateway to Client Portal which seamlessly syncs with your CRM
  • Make it easier for your customers to communicate and do business with you.

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